ACES Program Development staff work in Central Office to explore program options for ACES schools, programs and districts.   We seek innovative solutions to district needs and  help to create new programs to serve our districts and our own schools and programs.  Once the programs are designed, the Program Development department seeks funds to support them through state, federal and local grants, or through fees for service in our districts.

Federal, state and Interdistrict Cooperative Grants are among the funding sources sought by Program Development.

In addition, we supervise and staff the ACES Open CHOICE and Magnet School Parent Choice programs that provide a system for families to select schools for their children in different school districts in and around New Haven.

The ACES Education Foundation and its activities reside in the Program Development department and constitutes part of the community outreach that is critical to the department’s success.

We work closely with ACES Professional Development/School Improvement department whose developed and funded programs serve many educators in the ACES region and beyond.

Enterprises that Program Development oversees, include the following: