Our science classroom laboratories encourage inquiry based learning; thinking critically in order to problem solve through inquiry based learning within cooperative learning groups, hands-on laboratory investigations, independent work assignments and application of technology.

TEMS Science Teachers

6th 7th 8th
Team 6-1:   Mrs. Sarenas Team 7-1:  Mrs. Creem Team 8-1:  Ms. Tangney
Team 6-2:  Mrs. Rolston Team 7-2:  Ms. Anker Team 8-2:  Mrs. Everett-Cacoparto
Team 6-3:  Mr. Crawford Team 7-3:  Mrs. Dalo Team 8-3:  Mr. Crean 

STEM Coordinator: Mrs. Caitlin Lombardi 

ACES Science Coordinator: Mrs. Shannon Breaux

This year we are welcoming two new teachers to the science department staff.  Gerry Crean started last year when he took over for Caitlin Lombardi when she moved into the STEM possition.   In addition to taking on his new role as 8th grade science teacher Gerry is also going to be coaching soccer this fall and basketball this winter

Erin Anker is our new 7th grade science teacher taking over for Mrs. Martino who retired last year. She is coming to us from the New Haven school system. She took part in the PLTW training this summer for Flight and Space where everyone learned so much about the new curriculum while having a great time.  She will be a great fit for TEMS with lots of inovative ideas!

Learning Tools

  • Pearson 
    • This is our online text and it give students access tou countless digital resources to support the learning in the classroom. 
    • New and improved.  TEMS is a beta test site school for a new program through pearson.  We look forward to learnig more about it and using it with students this year. 
      • Accessed through power school. Use your child's UN and PW to log in
  • IXL
    • This math tool is also used in science. Use your child's UN and PW to log in
  • Discovery Education
    • All of our students are able to use Discovery Education in school and at home. This site provides high quality, dynamic, award-winning digital content, inciting our students' natural curiosity of science as well as providing our teachers with powerful visual content. Use your child's UN and PW to log in.


TEMS Science Curriculum

New updated curriculum aligned with NGSS coming soon.