In the Language Arts department, we believe:

  • Through rigorous reading and writing, we discover personal values, build self-awareness, and develop empathy to have a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

  • Students should have a degree of choice in reading and writing to gain insight and effectively express themselves.

  • Grammar and usage and vocabulary are best taught in the context of authentic learning.

TEMS Language Arts Department

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Common Core Standards

TEMS Language Arts Teachers

Team 6-1: Mrs. Megan Dudley Team 7-1: Ms. Lucy Fonseca Team 8-1: Mrs. Jacqueline Dandio-Harris
Team 6-2: Ms. Michelle Gray Team 7-2: Ms. Julie Fidrych Team 8-2: Ms. Jill Parker
Team 6-3: Mrs. Lesley Henry Team 7-3: Mrs. Marsha Perry Team 8-3:   Ms. Courtney Hatt


 Summer Reading Information