ACES Wintergreen Magnet School parents and alumni met with State Representative Michael D'Agostino, State Representative Josh Elliott, Senator George Logan, and former Speaker of the CT House of Representatives, Brendan Sharkey on Thursday morning, February 16, 2017 to discuss the importance of protecting magnet school funding.

The Connecticut Coalition for Magnet Schools states that "many magnet schools have not received an increase in funding from the state in five years... ...Since 2010, traditional public schools have seen a funding increase of nearly 9% from the state of Connecticut. In the same time period, the state has increased funding to charter schools. We are asking that magnet school funding be increased at the same rate as the funding for traditional school districts. If districts don't receive an increase, magnet schools won't either."

Wintergreen parents Malwin Davila, Alexandra Dicks, Cheryl Ellison, and Maria Solomon and 2008 alum Vincent Testa spoke to a crowd of about 100 concerned parents.


Hamden Journal News Article