ACES provides regional and in-district professional learning to districts implementing Connecticut's Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program.

TEAM is a collaborative endeavor focused on student achievement that brings together beginning teachers and trained mentors. Mentors and beginning teachers focus on classroom practice within the context of the teacher’s own students, subject, grade level, curriculum requirements and school and district goals.

Services offered:

  • Training and technical assistance for mentors, beginning teachers, administrators, TEAM reflection paper reviewers and TEAM Coordinating Committees members.
  • Technical assistance for districts to sustain a comprehensive induction system that promotes teacher and student growth, with coaching and resources tailored to meet your specific needs.


TEAM Reviewer Update Facilitated Session - 4/4/2017
In this facilitated session, TEAM reviewers will engage in discussions with colleagues as they calibrate their skills and understandings using the reflection paper criteria. Reviewers will access and complete the online reviewer update training and have the opportunity to examine their evidence and ratings with fellow reviewers.


For information about TEAM in-district support, please contact:
Patricia Hart-Cole

ACES Education Specialist

To learn more about TEAM or to register for a regional TEAM training, visit