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  • “This trip changed his life. He came back a different person – humbled and excited at the same time, to go out and experience more. We look forward to your next trip. Please let us know so we get a spot!”

    Patty, North Haven Parent, 2016

  • “I can’t believe how incredible this trip was for me. You exceeded every single aspect of the tour and when you didn’t have an answer, you had the connections to find the right answer.” 

    Hailey, Newtown Student, 2016

  • “This tour has been amazing. I am so impressed with the experience. The thought and attention to details tells me that this is a very impressive team. I felt comfortable, and I now have four new great friends that I never imagined before this experience.”

    Natalya, New Haven HS Student, 2017

  • “When is the next trip? I have to go. I have learned so much about China and about myself. This will definitely be my personal essay for college.”

    Kiet, New Haven HS Student, 2016

  • “Your care and attention to detail always made us feel safe and comfortable so we could really enjoy what we were doing. The work that went into this is out of my scope, but it’s really impressive. Please don’t stop doing this. More students need to experience this. And my mom wants to know if you do an adult trip?”

    Monica, Madison HS Student, 2016

  • “On the plane home, I looked back at all of my photos – all that I had accomplished, all that I had seen and experienced, all of the memories, all of the laughs. But, most importantly, I recognize that I did this. I feel successful. I’m proud of myself. Thank you for providing the opportunity.”

    Evelyn, Milford HS Student, 2016

  • “Thank you for your hard-work and time that went into this. I cannot imagine what goes into this, but knowing what Sydney experienced, it will stay with her for a very long time. She came home with energy and excitement in her eyes. She has expressed interest in an international major for college. I’m grateful. Thank you.”

    Gretchen, Hamden Parent 2017

  • “I learned so much. The food was awesome. I definitely have an appreciation for where I come from, but it’s because I understand what my new friend is doing on the other side of the world. I already miss him, but I guarantee that we’ll keep in touch. We have plans to see each other again.”

    Quran, New Haven HS Student, 2017

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