Applications can also be downloaded here and either emailed to: or mailed to:
ACES International, 55 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT 06510


I plan on attending the November 2017 ACES INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROJECT-LEARNING TOUR for Connecticut high school students. I understand that the cultural preparation provided to me will be utilized daily in unanticipated environments and situations that call upon my ability as an ambassador with commitment to my family, town, school district, and country. I understand that Connecticut education and district policies can apply, therefore, I am aware that my responsibility as a citizen and student is held to a higher standard as a student leader and representative of our delegation. I also understand that my ability to be flexible, communicative, and a collaborative team player is a major responsibility as an ambassador.


(Participants are welcome to pay in full ($2,800.00) before the 11/1/17 deadline).
1. (Due Before June 30) Non-refundable security deposit for reservation $500.00
2. (Due Before August 1) Minimum Payment of $600.00
3. (Due Before September 1) Minimum Payment of $600.00
4. (Due Before October 1) Minimum Payment of $600.00
5. (Due Before November 1) Minimum Payment of $500.00
Payments are payable to ACES INTERNATIONAL (Check Notation: Ambassadors)

I have reviewed the payment process listed above and will abide by the payment process indicated for this tour: