Thanks to the support  of community partners and individuals, the ACES Education Foundation was able to award $54,566 in grants in 2013.  These funds support innovative projects that help ACES teachers and staff enhance ACES programs and improve learning for students and clients.


ACES Education Foundation Grants • Awarded for 2013-14 Academic Year

ACES Educational Center for the Arts - Children’s Touring Company, $8,000: ECA students will rehearse and put on 8-10 performances of three shortened Shakespearean and/or other plays for students at local public schools.

ACES Educational Center for the Arts - After School Dance Classes, $5,785: 80 modern dance and ballet dance classes will be offered to ECA dance students and to the New Haven dance community. New Haven area students and staff will attend repertory performances.

Mill Road School - Animal Assisted Therapy, $2,621: Visits with therapy dogs, and equine-assisted activities will be offered to students in grades K-8.

Mill Road School - Connecticut Storytelling Center and Ballet, $4,550: Students will experience multi-cultural story-telling, dance and drumming, while strengthening social and academic skills.

Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School - Music ACES Maestro software, $1,255: Students will enhance learning activities, rhythm skills, and pitch awareness through software program.

Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School - News Broadcast Cameras, $3,755: Students will use three re-furbished high-quality broadcast video cameras for daily broadcasts and other projects.

Whitney High School East – PE Fitness Room equipment, $15,000: Updated and adaptive equipment allows students in grades 9-12 to develop and accomplish Physical Education goals.

Whitney High School East - Lego Robotics program, $1,800: Students will use Lego robotics materials and curriculum for a course beginning January 2014.

Whitney High School North - Wilderness School Adventure, $2,800: Students will participate in a 3-day wilderness experience, followed by two 1-day follow-up sessions, to enhance self-confidence, conflict resolution skills and academics.